Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Okay, So I'm Working and Blogging Again...

...but this is too frustrating.

So, the United States ranks 19th among countries worldwide in average broadband speed. Here's a fun fact: as of August 2008, the average broadband download speed in the US was 2.3 Mb/s (up 17% from the previous year); Japan's average? 63.6 Mb/s.

No wonder the Japs kick the crap out of us in video games. They don't even know what lag is!

I blame the US telecomm companies, as do most people who give more than half a shit. We get charged among the highest broadband fees in the world for the 19th fastest service, right behind the Czech Republic and Luxembourg. Hey, at least we beat Mexico.

We pay, because we have no choice, and, because we pay, ATT and Comcast have no interest in actually making their services better. You know how 3G networks became the kitty cat's PJs here about a year ago? Again, we were years behind the curve. The iPhone is actually selling like poo in a can in most places other than the US, because it's slower and more expensive than widely available alternatives.

Actually, at the rate our services are growing, it'll be about a century before we catch up to the top dogs. Buuuuuuuut at least I can take comfort in the fact that I'm able to play Wolfenstein 3D on my iPhone... for about 45 minutes... before my battery dies.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No More Work Blogging... Good to Be Back Home!!

So, I returned from my European adventure about 2 weeks ago. I survived many things: the death of a digital camera, a respiratory infection bestowed upon me by one of my inconsiderate travel buddies, Berlin, and a giant eff-load of beer.

I took over 1,500 pictures, so forgive me for posting exactly none as of yet. But, honestly, I just changed jobs and I'm a lot busier at work now. That definitely means less blogging, because, seriously, I have better things to do on my own time.

I have managed to go through the pics, but nobody wants to see 1,500 plus. I'll drip feed a few per post over the next few weeks. Until then, my bated breath brethren and sistren (er...), I leave you with two pics:

My last American brew before my flight 'cross the pond...
... and my first English brew upon arrival. Guess which one was better??