Friday, April 16, 2010

Resurrection, Part I of More than I

In regards to my blog, I have been recently surprised by two things: 1. I haven't posted since October; 2. Some friends have expressed concern about this lack of activity. The second point is probably most striking, because the amount of people who derided my comatose blog were greater in number than what I had originally perceived to be my entire readership. I suppose it's possible my entire readership partook in point two, but I'm going to interpret this as a healthy indication that more than five people are aware of my blog. Furthermore, at least half of them are aware the blog has lain dormant for some time.

Thus, oh blogosphere so vast and unregulated, I make my return, as much to appease my angry throngs of starved readers as to kill time while I digest a turkey sandwich before biking down Lakeshore.That's right. Biking. The sun is out, and rumors of its supposed warmth have not been exaggerated. I am now able to get outside and participate in one of my favorite sports: me on my Diamondback vs. Nigerian cabbies on Blue-tooth headsets, jockeying for position on Chicago's congested streets. Spectators may conclude that this is a game with no rules, a life-and-death version of Calvinball in an urban setting. I don't think that's necessarily the case, but I have yet to come across definitive proof to the contrary. If there are rules, they are surely broken with staggering frequency.Despite the specter of death-by-Crown-Vic lurking at every intersection whose colored lights I ignore, biking is definitely one of the most active things I do these days. And it's important to stay active, because this winter has produced a profoundly more out of shape facade than I'm used to seeing in the mirror. I will attribute much of this to an insane travel schedule which had me eating out for practically every meal for about two months straight. Oh, and the heavy amounts of drinking with similarly depressed coworkers probably played a role.

Fortunately, most of us who imbibed and grew fat together are now working to reverse the damage together. And I need to do some hardcore reversal if I want to be seen anywhere near a pool when I hit Vegas Memorial Day weekend. And, yeah, that shit's happening.This will be my first time in Sin City, and I hope to do it right. My return flight is a red eye which puts me back in Chicago Tuesday morning around 6am. You know, just in time for work.